How to Find a Sprinter Van to Convert to a Camper Van During the Chip Shortage


Photo by Muse & Co. Outdoors

If you are in the market for a Sprinter van to convert to a camper, you may have heard that a global shortage of semiconductor chips (an essential component in Sprinters and other vehicles) has led to a major decrease in the manufacturing of Sprinters, among other models.

So, what does this mean for your #vanlife dreams, and how can you still get your hands on a Sprinter van so you can start your build? Keep reading for answers to all your questions about the Mercedes Sprinter van shortage, including your best options for procuring a van in this competitive market.

Sprinter Van Shortage: The Basics

Sprinter van manufacturing is down significantly due to the chip shortage. This is presenting major problems for people looking to buy a Sprinter conversion van. Not only is supply down, but demand for Sprinters has skyrocketed in recent years; due mainly to the rise in popularity of #vanlife and converted Sprinter cargo vans, but also because of Amazon’s feverish purchasing of high-roof vans as they expand their Prime services.

The result of the drastically lowered supply of Mercedes Sprinter vans, coupled with increased demand, is that consumers are having extreme difficulty finding a van to convert into a camper. Currently, most Mercedes dealers are not accepting new orders for Sprinter vans, and any custom order placed is unlikely to be built because of the component shortages. Most dealers are still getting Sprinter vans, but the vans are coming in at a relative trickle when compared to the typical supply flow–and being bought up immediately.

How to Get a Sprinter Van to Convert to a Camper Van During the Chip Shortage

Photo by Muse & Co. Outdoors

If you are reading this article, you are probably determined to get your hands on a Mercedes Sprinter van so you can start your van conversion. You’ve done your research and you know that Sprinters are the superior option when compared to other high-roof cargo vans. Those unwilling to compromise on quality when searching for a van to convert are looking for ways to buy a Mercedes Sprinter in this extremely tight market.

As is so often the case, getting a Sprinter van in this market will likely come down to who you know. Fortunately, Muse & Co. Outdoors is extremely well connected within the nationwide network of Mercedes Benz dealerships. If you are looking for a new Sprinter van, we can help you by sourcing one from one of dozens of dealerships across the country, and having it delivered to our doorstep.

Not only is Muse & Co. Outdoors able to get you a Sprinter van, but we specialize in Mercedes Sprinter conversions and have a minimal waitlist compared to other builders. As the top Bay Area Sprinter van conversion company, Muse & Co. Outdoors builds craftsman camper vans that are as functional as they are beautiful.

You don’t need to delay your #vanlife dreams. Contact Muse & Co. Outdoors to begin planning your van build today. We offer conversion models for single travelers, couples, and families looking to camp comfortably in a Mercedes Sprinter. From van purchasing to custom conversion details, Muse & Co. Outdoors will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you end up with the Sprinter van of your dreams.

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