How to Stay Healthy During a Camper Van Road Trip


Sprinter camper vans make for an awesome way to travel. The comfort and features of a camper van make it possible to take extended road trips that last weeks or even months. Many people have even begun to move into their vans full-time, working remotely as they travel the world.

One of the challenges of these extended camper van road trips is the loss of your normal at-home routine. While traveling allows for freedom and spontaneity, it can also make it difficult to keep up with daily routines and practices that keep you feeling healthy. Your diet, exercise routine, and more are likely to undergo major shifts while you are on the road.

So, how can you stay healthy while you’re on the road in your Sprinter camper van? We’ve got some tips that are sure to keep you feeling great while traveling. Keep reading to learn more!

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Move, Move, Move

One of the major challenges when it comes to staying healthy on the road is the inevitability of sitting for long periods of time. Long days spent driving can be taxing on the body, as extended periods of sitting lead to tightness and sore muscles. Van life can lead to a lack of movement in other ways, too – if you encounter bad weather or you are working from the road, you might find yourself spending long days inside of your van.

So, how can you combat extended periods of sitting in your van? The key is to find ways to move your body throughout the day, even during those marathon travel days. Incorporating even small amounts of movement into an otherwise long day of sitting in your Sprinter van can make a huge difference in your mood, energy levels, and how your body feels.

During travel days, try getting some movement in every time you stop for gas, food, or bathroom breaks. Stretching is a great way to realign your body after long periods of sitting. Getting your heart rate up and blood moving is also a good idea – jumping jacks, a short jog around the rest area, even some push-ups in the van are all great ways to keep your body limber while traveling.

Eat Well

It can be very challenging to make sure you are eating well and getting proper nutrients while traveling, but doing so is extremely important. While on the road, you may not have access to the same foods that you do at home. Plus, although many custom Sprinter vans come equipped with a nice kitchen, you are still likely to be somewhat limited with what you can cook in your van.

Eating well on long road trips is still possible. With proper planning and a little flexibility, you can continue to get proper nutrition and feel great while traveling in your camper van. Employ the following tips to keep yourself eating well while on the road:

Bring your favorite staples

You might not be able to find your favorite foods while traveling, but with a little planning, you can bring extra with you on your trip. Before leaving on a road trip, stock up on your favorite healthy pantry foods. Your body will thank you later.

Make extra

Cooking in a camper van is easy enough, but you’re not likely to be as motivated to make time-consuming meals on travel days when you’re on the go. To avoid eating fast food and snacks from gas stations, prep some extra food when you do make a big meal in the van. Leftover veggie stir-fry or pasta with pesto is going to make for a much healthier lunch than a greasy burger with fries.

Snack smart

One way to ensure you eat healthily while traveling in your Sprinter van is to only buy healthy foods at the store! We get it, snacking is an essential part of long road trips — but you can easily replace those potato chips and gummy worms with healthier options that will leave you feeling much better. Some favorite snacks that are easy to find in most grocery stores include carrots with hummus, fresh fruits like apples and oranges, and organic low-fat bagged popcorn.

Start the day off right

We’ve all heard it before: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Whether or not you agree with this age-old saying, it’s certainly true that starting your day with a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day and gets your body the nutrients it needs, right off the bat. You don’t need to cook an extravagant meal to have a healthy breakfast. A simple bowl of oatmeal or granola with yogurt and fruit is fast, easy, and nutrient-dense.

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Don’t Stress!

Getting proper exercise and eating well are obvious ways to keep your body feeling great while you’re traveling. But stress also plays a major role in our energy levels, mood, digestion, and even levels of muscle soreness.

Travel-induced stress is a common issue. While you might be having a blast on your road trip, the stress of being on the move and trying to make decisions can add up. Stress can be mitigated by finding a balance between thorough planning and a ‘go with the flow’ attitude.

Planning your trip well enough to have some activities lined up and to know where you will be sleeping each night can go a long way towards mitigating stress on the road. At the same time, life happens and you never know what could occur while you are on a road trip in your Sprinter van. While planning helps, you should also be prepared to make some decisions on-the-fly and allow for some spontaneity in your journey.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the landscape is; if you aren’t feeling well, it will be hard to enjoy your trip. Use these tips to stay healthy during your camper van road trip, so you can feel great and have the time of your life!

~ Wishing you a healthy trip. Your friends at Muse & Co. Outdoors

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